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Our pieces are handmade in Sydney, Australia and as such each piece is unique and no two pieces will be exactly the same.


When inserting the candles apply light pressure and insert each candle in place. To avoid cracking the wax hold the candle at its base when inserting into your centrepiece. The candles will fit snugly to make sure your celebration looks fabulous. Dust off any excess wax from your celebration base whilst twisting in the candles. Based on the candle set you have purchased be sure to get creative in the way you place the various heights – check out our social media to see how Roxy loves to style the candles and bases.


XRJ Celebration pieces are mainly for decoration and theming in their unlit state. They can of course be lit for that Celebration Photo Moment however use caution when lighting. We love getting family and friends involved in blowing out the candles to make the celebration memorable for all.


Let the adults do it! Generally we like to use extra long matches and light with two adults from either end.


  • Candles produce a lot of heat & are inherently dangerous when lit. They can cause serious physical harm due to burning and could cause significant property damage in the case of fire.
  • Handle XRJCelebration Candles with extreme care and must be stored out of reach from children.
  • Do not store XRJCelebrations Candles with fire starters or matches.
  • XRJCelebrations Candles and Bases are meant for decoration in their unlit state, they can be lit and used for TEMPORARY ambience however DO NOT attempt to move the based when any of the candles are lit & adhere to these guidelines:
              a. Candles should never be lit and left without an adult watching at all times
              b. Candles should not be in reach of children
              c. Candles should not be anywhere near flammable materials such as tablecloths, napery, draperies etc
              d. Do not modify this custom base in anyway as you may risk the base or candles tiping.
  • Please be careful when you decide to light the candles and ensure no loose clothing or hair comes into contact with the candles or flame.
  • Please keep away from Children and Pets.
  • Do not leave candles unattended under any circumstances.