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The exquisite, PEBBLE incense and candle holder will ensure your home or office not only smells good but looks divine. Encapsulating a circular solid brass base, this candle holder also features a small hole in the base for your incense stick. Perfect for holding our Tall Column Candle Duo candles.

Please note that incense is not included.

Width: 4cm

Height: 4cm

Who we are? Offering a collection of colourful, hand-poured sculptural candles and accessories, XRJ Celebrations is the ultimate candle brand for home styling, event theming and gifting.

Make a Statement: The humble incense holder becomes a statement-making interior piece with XRJ Celebrations, perfect for table centrepieces, bookshelf ornaments, desk decoration, housewarming gifts and event styling.

Stay Safe: Our accessories have been designed as decorative styling pieces when you do decide to light incense for a short time, please remember never to leave your incense unattended, burn away from curtains, tablecloths and other flammable materials and always keep lit incense well out of reach of children and pets.


Our pieces are handmade in Sydney, Australia and as such each piece is unique and no two pieces will be exactly the same.

All of our sculptural candles are intended as decorative homeware, however should you wish to burn them for short periods of time please adhere to the following recommendations:
  • Due to the sculptural nature of your candle, once lit wax will melt in an unpredictable manner.
  • To avoid damage to your surfaces, please place your candle on a large ceramic dish, on a flat surface before lighting.
  • Each candle is individually hand crafted, and like the ancient sculptures that inspire them, small imperfections such as small air bubbles or frosting may be expected between pieces.
  • Candles produce a lot of heat & are inherently dangerous when lit. They can cause serious physical harm due to burning and could cause significant property damage in the case of fire.
  • Handle XRJCelebration Candles with extreme care and must be stored out of reach from children.
  • Do not store XRJCelebrations Candles with fire starters or matches.
  • XRJCelebrations Candles are meant for decoration in their unlit state, they can be lit and used for TEMPORARY ambience however DO NOT attempt to move the Candles or Holders when any of the candles are lit & adhere to these guidelines:
    - Candles should never be lit and left without an adult watching at all times
    - Candles should not be in reach of children
    - Candles should not be anywhere near flammable materials such as tablecloths, napery, draperies etc
  • Please be careful when you decide to light the candles and ensure no loose clothing or hair comes into contact with the candles or flame.
  • Please keep away from Children and Pets.
  • Do not leave candles unattended under any circumstances.